World first calorie burning car

The FitCar PPV prototype looks just like any other A4 Avant, decals apart.

AUSTRALIAN adults are among the least active in the developed world but a new start-up has developed a way to get us to work up a sweat. The FitCar PPV has been developed by Nasser Al Shawaf and Dutch engineering… Continue Reading…


The potentially lifesaving road rule that most drivers ignore

Catherine Frewer, widow of cyclist Cameron Frewer, with their three children Lachlan, Heidi and Oscar, and dog Herbie. Picture: Peter Wallis

In most parts of Australia, it’s a law that motorists are required to follow when passing a person on a bicycle. However, experts and cycling advocates say many drivers either ignore the rule or aren’t aware it exists. And it… Continue Reading…


Tested: Jaguar’s Tesla SUV fighter

The I-Pace has a very luxurious interior.

  2019 Jaguar I-Pace.Source:Supplied 1. You’ll need a plan Road trips require some analysis. Relying purely on electric power, one motor on each axle, the range is a little more than 400km. If you’re planning a longer trip you’ll need… Continue Reading…


Tested: Alfa’s fun to drive SUV

The Stelvio’s cabin compares well with other luxury SUVs, but its digital instrument display is sub-par.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio.Source:Supplied Being first pays off A $6000 First Edition pack pushes the price to $77,700 drive-away. The upgrade helps lift Alfa’s mid-size SUV to premium style, from the panoramic sunroof to tinted rear glass, suspension and wheel (19-inchers)… Continue Reading…


Why China’s rise continues to pose a threat

Earlier this week, shocking photos exposed a near-collision between a US navy ship and a Chinese vessel in the South China Sea.

AUSTRALIA is entering a dangerous period — and we don’t even know it yet. As US Vice President Mike Pence incenses China on one end, and New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern pushes “collective international action” on the other, former Defence… Continue Reading…


Rage against cyclists hogging lane

Sydney cyclists taking up a lane along Captain Cook Drive road. Source: Perth Have a whinge/Facebook

AUSSIES know all too well the war between cyclists and cars and now New Zealand motorists are just as irate after riders failed to adhere to the rules of the road there. Nikki Bessem became “furious” when a group of… Continue Reading…


Tested: The $100,000 ute

The X-Class is packed full of equipment.

  Mercedes-Benz X350d Power.Source:Supplied 1. This is more of a Merc The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is built on the same platform as Nissan’s Navara ute, a fact frequently cited in pub criticism of the three-pointed star’s first crack at the dual-cab… Continue Reading…


Putin pulls iron curtain on missiles

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, and US President Donald Trump attend a meeting in Helsinki, on July 16, 2018. Picture: AFP

Rusian President Vladimir Putin lauded the test as a ‘game changer’, a ‘big success and victory’. Russia had just fired its hypersonic ‘Avangard’ ballistic guided missile system. And everything seemed to work fine. Putin declared Russia to be ‘untouchable’ as… Continue Reading…


App that peer pressures drivers

Research showed that 90 per cent of road users handle their phone while driving.

Chevrolet is using peer pressure for good, not evil. The US brand has developed an app that applies positive peer pressure to motorists to help keep them focused on the road. The app — Call Me Out — encourages the… Continue Reading…


Rego ban on dodgy airbag cars

Airbags look like pillows when shown in advertising material but they are in fact an explosive device. Faulty Takata airbags can deploy with too much force. Picture: Supplied.

THE car industry has renewed calls to cancel the registration of vehicles that have not yet had their potentially deadly Takata airbags replaced. Over the weekend the South Australian government became the first jurisdiction nationally to enforce a registration ban… Continue Reading…